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Donation Rules and help. Empty Donation Rules and help.

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:00 am

If you buy V.I.P you accept these rules:
You can not ABUSE any commands at all
if you want to kick a player, do it but not without a reason, and you are not allowed to kick for other players only you! let admins do that job.
if you get the chanse to become helper, you will not get you money back!
if you brake rules you will first be warned max 3 times, then you will loose v.i.p in order to get back your V.I.P after loosing it because of abuse, you will have to buy it again. The same if you get banned for a reason!
MagicCarpet can be used when and where ever you want, but do not fly in cactuses and bamboos (reeds) it will destroy it.
Bubble can only be used in the sea! If you use it in spawned water or lava it will be dublicated and hard to remove for the admins, will be considered a warning.
If you think that it was a unfair ban or unfair reason to remove of V.I.P send complain Email to "" and wait for answer, if you are not banned, do not spam anyone to read the Email you will be answered under 2 day [48 hours]
Any admins are allowed to ban you!
if you loose V.I.P because of breaking any off the rules, and uses excuse that you havent readed them, blame yourself.

Commands you get:
/bubble:Makes a glass bubble around, werry good for underwater discovering.
/kick: Kicks a player out off the server, be carefull how/when you use!
/kill: Kills a player, be carefull how/when you use!
/WalkOnWater: Its glitched but you can try it to see if its updated, it makes you walk on water like jesus Exclamation
/tp: Teleports you to a player </tp playername> (Try to agree / ask the selected player before using)
/tphere: Teleports a player to you </tphere playername> (Try to agree / ask the selected player before using)
/magiccarpet: Makes glass carpet underneeth you so you can fly, to get down you just look down while walking.

How To:
If you are intrested in V.I.P send an email to "" that you confirm to buy it.What a Face Feel free to ask questions to, there is no regret, if you buy you have "donated" so there is no turning back after accepting the payment. You can use the "Buy Now" button at the home page of the forum, to buy V.I.P without waiting for answer. Smile
Before buying, i strongly recomend you to read the rules!

V.I.P Rank without reserved slot: 5.90$ USD
V.I.P Rank With Reserved slot: 7.90$ USD


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